About Us

Our Goal

We all have decorating ideas periodically and this involves clearing out the old, and making room for the new! At ‘Back in Business’, we would like to help you by selling your unwanted pieces, and also by offering you some items that you might want to use in their place! We have antiques, new, and used furniture, and house wares such as lights, lamps, pictures, and rugs. We constantly get calls from people wanting to sell or consign their furniture, so the store has different stock each week. If you need pickup or delivery assistance, we offer that as well. We hope to keep the site updated weekly with photos of featured items.

Our Prices

We are proud of our low prices, and apparently our customers have noticed! We are not in this business to maintain a collection of pieces. We keep the prices low, and keep the stock rotating! Sometimes we have some room to negotiate a little on items. However, most pieces were not marked up much and cannot be reduced any further. Shopping for new furniture can be expensive, so we love that we can offer gently used, and occasionally new items, at a fraction of the new retail cost. Feel free to shop around, but be careful – many people have returned to get something only to find it had sold while they were making up their minds!

Layaway and Delivery Available!

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